Chiropractic Means Healing

  I LOVE helping people. I love being a part of their journeys, of watching their bodies heal and do amazing things, seeing miracles in action, and generations being transformed. Chiropractic has allowed me to do this in ways thatRead More

Setting Yourself Up for Success with Healthy Habits

  We all have bad habits we would like to change, and good habits we want to get into, the problem is starting and sticking to it. As March is quickly approaching in Winnipeg, we are well into or pastRead More

Eat to Live – Nutrition’s Best Kept Secrets

  What would happen if you ate to live? If your nutrition was a part of your lifestyle? We’ve all heard of the fad diets that are around, but how do they really stack up? Your nutrition is a keyRead More

Learning to Embrace Those “Growth” Moments

  I touched briefly on yesterday’s blog about “growth moments”. This has been something that’s really been on my mind and my heart in recent months. A few months ago, Dr. Zsolt and I attended a conference in Winnipeg whereRead More

What Motivates You? – Turning Life Into Growth

  What gets you up and out of bed in the morning Winnipeg? What truly motivates you? Once you know what motivates you, you can harness that and put all that energy into achieving your goals. But what does thisRead More

I Feel Good, So I’m Healthy….Right?

  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, hate to burst your bubble, or take the wind out of your sails (you get the idea)….but feeling good doesn’t make you healthy. That seems to be the North AmericanRead More

What Can Chiropractic Cure?

  You’ve probably heard that chiropractors cure back and neck pain maybe even headaches and carpal tunnel. Talk to some chiropractic patients and you will hear that chiropractic cured their digestive issue, or their diabetes, or their heart disease maybeRead More

What Are You Buying That Special Person For Valentine’s Day?

  Google “the best gift”, this or any other holiday season and you will get all sorts of retailers and WikiHow reports on what is the best article to give, or how to find the most interesting gift. Everything fromRead More

Go Team Canada! Chiropractic at PyeongChang

  There is something about the Winter Olympics that calls to every Canadian. Maybe it’s because we put up with 5-6 months of winter every year, and we finally have an event where we can show off our mad skillsRead More

Performance, Chiropractic and PyeongChang – How Chiropractic Helps Olympic Performance

    The 2018 Winter Olympics underway, athletes of all kinds have arrived in PyeongChang, South Korea for their chance at Olympic glory. As we watch these athletes compete, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of theRead More