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It’s the weekend.

What do you do?

This is the fastest way to  get in touch with a member of our emergency Chiropractor team. Let’s get you taken care of!

Our emergency chiropractic team is at your service to provide you with the best chiropractic care. We can give you advice on the best route for a healthy recovery.

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Why Would You Need To See An Emergency Chiropractor?

There are a number of reasons why a person might be required to see an emergency chiropractor, and the top 4 reasons are as follows:

Life: Often we hear, “I didn’t really do anything”. This is often the thought that many have because they were unaware of a problem that has been building for days, months or even years. Simply bending over at the sink or lifting a relatively light object renders you incapacitated. Rather than covering it up with pain killers and muscle relaxants, find out the cause. We will find it, and show you exactly where it is, and how to get you moving and feeling better.

Sports injury: No matter whether you are a sports person or not, indulging in some kind of sport can often leave you with some kind of injury. Sometimes these injuries are strong enough to leave you in bed for many days. If you have had such an injury, you should immediately contact us to see an expert who can help you feel better  as quickly as possible.

Car accident: If you have gone through a car accident, you should see a visit to the chiropractor. In most of the cases, it has been noticed that the victims don’t feel pain at the moment but only hours and days  after it. In such cases, an initial evaluation with us will determine how much damage was done or, if there was a problem that you had that the accident made worse. There are many tests and technologies to determine the degree of injury and the kind of help they need.

Severe/Chronic back pain: Due to the hectic work schedule and busy lifestyles, many suffer from the problem of back pain. Sometimes it becomes unbearable. If this is you, immediately consult our Emergency Chiropractic chiropractor for help.

At Focus Chiropractic we work with Medical Facilities, Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, Audiologist and Dentists. We have an integrated referral network to ensure you get the care you need, and get you better faster.

After the problem has resolved and you are recovering, options like corrective care and wellness care can be discussed.

Getting well and staying well is the greatest way to live. Don’t let pain become suffering and let that rob you of the life you want.

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