I’ll Share a Secret… Now Pass It On…


You never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow. –BJ Palmer

When you see an awesome movie in Winnipeg, who do you tell? Everyone!

When you read a great book, who do you tell? Everyone!

When you find the most amazing restaurant in Manitoba, who do you tell? Everyone!

You get the picture… so when you find out the keys to having optimal health, who needs to know? Everyone! One of the things that we love most in our office is educating our practice members, empowering them to take control of their health and their life. Through an initial consultation and exam, doctor’s report and a variety of in office workshops we help you to understand the cause of any health concerns that you have as well as help you to find the ways to heal.

Affecting the Lives of Millions

Once you learn about the keys to health, you get the special privilege of passing that information on to everyone that you meet, because everyone deserves to have the chance to heal and function at their best. Whether it’s letting someone know that you’ve been getting regular chiropractic wellness care and your back pain has improved, or sharing your testimonial about how through chiropractic corrective care and optimal nutrition your migraines have completely gone away or that you met some cool people who know a thing or two about health; the things you share with them about the true meaning of health, about your story and how you’ve healed, or the things that you’ve learned about ways to improve your quality of life, may impact them in ways you never thought possible… those things may completely change their lives.

So when you see something cool, learn something empowering, or read something truly impactful, share it! Share it because you don’t know the ripple effect that it can have and truly and completely change the way someone lives their life.