It’s Time for YOU to Spring Ahead!


The brighter evenings bring a spring to our step.  The melting of the snow, the chirping of the birds and the constant refill of our windshield washer fluid. A much welcomed change after being inside those many cold months in Winnipeg.  Somehow, this season change brings upon more optimism and higher energy.

We turn our clocks ahead. In turn, what jump start can you give to yourself?

Spring in Winnipeg

It can feel like a new beginning.  We need to pay attention to how we feel and allow more time to ourselves.  It can be really simple, perhaps giving yourself 20 minutes to read a book, resisting the temptation to hit the snooze button or deciding to focus on your health. When we are able to Focus on ourselves, we are better equipped and energized to take care of those around us.

That is what we focus on at Focus Chiropractic Centre. Focusing on your health. It is vital to all aspects of your life. When we have our optimal health our relationships are better, our finances are better, our outlook is better. Because, if we lose our health, or know someone who has, it is evident how it affects all aspects of our lives – and losing our health can be something like the back pain or headaches you experience daily or something more serious like chronic disease. When we lose our health, in whatever degree, it becomes hard to keep that “spring in our step”.

Your health comes first.  Allow us to help you reach your best and optimal health. It first starts with a spinal evaluation, nerve scan and x-rays (complimentary and only taken if necessary). This exam will determine whether or not you have subluxations present.  A subluxation will cause interference of the nervous system, which controls and regulates all functions of your body.

In addition to evaluating your spine, our chiropractors and team also focus on the other aspects of health. Discussing the importance of nutrition, exercise, and reduction in toxins.  We help you make sense of all the information that we are bombarded by daily and start a plan for you to help you fulfill your goals.

We are here for you and your family. To book an evaluation, or to attend a workshop on nutrition and exercise call 204-475-1876, or visit our website at


Dr. Robyn