Living A Life You Never Dreamed Of – My Testimony


If you saw me, or met me, back in 2008 you never would have known that I wasn’t healthy. I wasn’t overweight, I wasn’t on any medication, and I didn’t have back pain or anything like that. But let me tell you Winnipeg, I was not healthy. I was plagued by chronic migraines, daily, but you never would have known because I mastered putting on a brave, “fine” face. I suffered from terrible depression that left me lying in bed for days at a time, but again, you never would have known because of my awesome “fine” face. And, it may have even been fate that brought us to meet, because I had crippling anxiety that didn’t allow me to socialize, talk to people or put myself out there. So just because on the outside or from the version of myself that I let people see, I seemed like a healthy person, did not mean that I was.


All of the things that I was experiencing (the migraines, the depression, and the anxiety) robbed me of a passion for life, of setting goals and looking forward to the future, and of building and maintaining healthy and sustainable relationships. The me from 2008 had lost hope, I didn’t think that anything in my life would ever be different, that I would live just coasting by, being exhausted from pretending to be someone I wasn’t and from the constant suffering. But fortunately for me, God intervened. It was in January of 2009 that I got introduced to chiropractic and began my journey of healing and of discovering myself.

I never admitted to myself that I wasn’t healthy, because I wasn’t on medication I thought I was ok, even though I was so far from ok. When I heard my first doctor’s report (the explanation of chiropractic and how your body is designed to function and heal) the pieces began to fall into place. I knew then that I was not healthy and that there was massive change coming my way. When I started under specific chiropractic corrective care the layers started peeling away. My migraines became less frequent and less intense, I was able to talk to people that I never would have in the past, I was able to try new things, and I looked forward to the days to come. And then after some modifications to make my nutrition more optimal and reducing the toxins that my body was taking in my results sky rocketed.

Living Life!

Now, 9 years later, I get to live life! I don’t get headaches or migraines anymore, I’m the polar opposite of depressed, I get to look forward to what life has in store for me, and my anxiety is under control. The amazing thing about health and life is that you get to keep learning and keep modifying and figuring out what the best is for you – you get to constantly one-up yourself and get better and better. So, never, ever lose hope because you have amazing potential inside of you just waiting to burst out! And remember, healing is an inside job. Your body knows exactly what to do each and every single time, in each and every moment. Once the interference is removed, your body is capable of miraculous things!



Health: /helTH/ Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.