Resolve: The Link Between Nutrition and Chiropractic


Patient question : I am going to my Chiropractor but she keeps talking to me about nutrition. What does Chiropractic wellness care have to do with what I eat?

Dr. Greg Loman’s answer : This a great question because most people are not clear about the purpose of chiropractic. In fact, if you ask 100 people about the purpose of chiropractic, I bet 90 percent of them would answer, “Chiropractic is for back pain.” In reality, Chiropractic is a philosophical understanding that the body is a self-healing organism, and the major premise of Chiropractic is recognizing that the body has the ability to heal itself. So, if you and your chiropractor find and remove the things that interfere with your body functioning at 100 percent, then your body will maintain its own health.

MaxLiving Seminar

There are five major things that interfere with the body healing itself:

  • Our thoughts and stress in our mind.
  • Nerve pressure through an unhealthy spine.
  • Lack of proper nutrition.
  • Lack of moving our body (exercise).
  • Toxins in our body.

All of these interferences cause the body to weaken and allow symptoms and disease to develop. Understanding how the body works and the true purpose of Chiropractic should help clarify why your chiropractor is committed to you understanding nutrition and the other Essentials.

To further clarify: your body needs a certain amount of nutrients in order to fuel you, and for your central nervous and immune systems to function at their best.

Dr. Loman is the founder of MaxLiving


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