Runny Nose? Are you Healthy or Sick?


Blow Your Nose Winnipeg!

Just because you have a runny nose, does that mean you are sick?

To most people a cough or a sneeze is a sign they are sick. A lot of times however, a cough or a sneeze is really an expression of health. Think about it, a germ has triggered an immune reaction and the body is doing its job to clear it out. Congestion and constant nose blowing can be annoying but its part of our body’s natural defense system.

Expressing Health

What about vomit? Say you go out for dinner and within a couple hours your tummy is churning like a cement mixer are you sick or are you well? What if only you throw up but your date, who ate the same food, doesn’t and three months later develops hepatitis and you don’t. Yes, vomit ruined your night out but your body cleared the germ.

Health is how you function, not how you feel.

The focus in our office is on optimizing the function of your body with specific Chiropractic corrective and wellness care combined with fitness, nutrition and exercise recommendations. These recommendations are custom specifically to you and are designed to allow your body to function and heal at its best.

So next time you sneeze, make a special visit to your favorite chiropractor and, be glad you are expressing health!

Dr. Bill


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