What’s Your ONE THING?


Happy 2018 Winnipeg!!


The feeling of a New Start, a chance to reprogram ourselves and to give ourselves the opportunity to initiate a new update.  We ask ourselves what will be the most impactful and beneficial?

For the past 18 years I have formally written my goals under the categories: Spiritual, Marriage, Financial, Family, Health, Career and Wild Ideas.  Before I know it I have written a dream list about my life on 4-5 pages. The feeling becomes overwhelming, as there are days where the simple action of taking the vitamins got put on the back burner.  It can all be so overwhelming… paralyzing.

Where to start?

Make it simple. Keeping the consistency of doing One Thing in each category – put your goals from each category in order, either from most important/impactful to least or from most easily attainable to ones that take longer to accomplish to figure out what the order of your “one thing” will be.  Once it is established or accomplished, I’m going to add the next goal of value on my list.

Winnipeg Goal Setting

We learn from past mistakes, and last year would be an example of a past mistake.

Last year my goal list started off by my bedside, with the goal of reading it each morning and night, but somehow that list transitioned into my laundry basket for the past 7 months???? Why?? The thought of it being near made me feel better I suppose.

However, seeing my list at the bottom of the laundry basket every other day actually made me feel less like a success and more defeated. Strangely enough, the mere action of writing out my goals and seeing the stapled notes as I folded clothes, allowed there to be goals still achieved by the end of 2017.

So if I actually was more diligent, what could my end results be by December 31, 2018?

One step at a time

My strategy will be to keep my top goal, my One Thing, of each category on a recipe card. On me every day. In my pocket. I’m climbing one step at a time.  This reminded of the trip we took to Mexico and climbed the pyramid at Coba.  It had to be one step at a time, otherwise if I kept looking to the top I would have turned around to head back to comfort.  It was daunting. Once at the top I wondered how we all did it… One Step at a time.

Climbing to the top of your mountain

So as I focus on each goal, each step, before I know it I will be at the top of my 4-5 page list by the end of December 2018.  Perhaps there will be modifications and different routes arising, but I will be going up and onwards toward the best 2018.

I invite you to join me.

Dr. Robyn


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