Why The Long Face? – The Benefits of Collagen.


It’s no joke, as we age the supporting structure of our body weakens leading to sagging and wrinkles. The main ingredient in our support system is collagen. Collagen has not only an important role in maintaining the youthful appearance of our skin it is also vital to hair, nails, bones and joints.

For decades now, collagen rich sources have been absent from our diet. When we look at the benefits, it makes sense to include this healthy protein on a daily basis.

Benefits of collagen

Some of the ways collagen helps is by supporting healthy digestion and restoring gut health, helping us get the most out of the food we eat. It is also helpful in protecting and promoting bone health.

As part of a regular exercise routine, collagen helps with the best recovery. It helps with muscle and ligament repair, improving stamina and assisting you to work harder without the next day aches.

Lastly, collagen helps maintain the skin’s moisture. It helps maintain elasticity, tone and youthfulness.

Adding a high-grade collagen protein source is vital to overall performance, supercharge with vitamin C and you have the ultimate in exercise recovery. It mixes easily in any liquid, adding it to a shake is a simple way to get the added benefits in your diet. Mixing in water and taking before bed can help give you one of the most restful sleeps you’ve experienced in a long time.

As a Winnipeg Chiropractor, adding collagen to your diet will help your adjustments last longer, by strengthening your ligaments and spinal supporting structures.


Dr. Bill