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You Are the Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With

  Our friends and family are our world. Without them, life just isn’t the same. They are the ones who encourage us, who challenge us, who love us no matter what, and who will stand up for us whenever neededRead More

Choose To Say Yes!

  You get an idea that really excites you, motivates you, why? Because it connects with you. We have all had those moments when you’re committed to that new exercise program, food plan, book/podcast series, or of course, Chiropractic Care!Read More

Hop, Skip, Jump (Into Puddles) – Spring Is On Its Way!

  The first day of spring is coming up quick Winnipeg! Often times when we think spring, we think sunshine, puddles, spring cleaning and the imminent arrival of the best summer ever. So how do expand on those ideas makingRead More

Sleep… Are You Getting Enough?

  You have likely heard that you need 8 hours of sleep every night to be well rested. When we don’t get 8 hours we tell ourselves that we have to catch up, and then sleep longer on weekends orRead More

It’s Time for YOU to Spring Ahead!

  The brighter evenings bring a spring to our step.  The melting of the snow, the chirping of the birds and the constant refill of our windshield washer fluid. A much welcomed change after being inside those many cold monthsRead More

International Women’s Day – Building Strong Leaders

  Happy International Women’s Day Winnipeg! We all have women in our lives that we look up to. Whether it be our moms, grandmothers, co-workers, friends, bosses, etc… Women are such powerful influencers in our community, and it’s amazing thatRead More

Covering up our Problems – and How to Stop!

  How many people out there do you think take at least one type of medication every day? Countless numbers of people. In Winnipeg and North America, it is difficult to find just one person who isn’t taking any medications.Read More

Why The Long Face? – The Benefits of Collagen.

  It’s no joke, as we age the supporting structure of our body weakens leading to sagging and wrinkles. The main ingredient in our support system is collagen. Collagen has not only an important role in maintaining the youthful appearanceRead More

Hey Winnipeg! Did it Snow Last Night?

  Ok ok Winnipeg… it snowed a ton last night… that perfect, sticky, snowball and snowman making snow. This means the city is covered in a beautiful aura of white… I think it’s calming and beautiful and makes me wantRead More

Looking Great! But at What Expense?

  We live in a society where there are very high standards put on us to look great. We will spend tons of time and money ensuring that we get the appearance that we think society wants us to have.Read More