Focus Chiropractic

Functional Fitness

Dr’s Robyn, Sarah and Zsolt are fitness advocates. Having a full understanding of tailoring fitness and exercise to their patients. One important component of exercise is that it is both possible for the patient to do, and functional [Also] practical. Exercise can be done in al little as 12 minutes a day and at ANY age. 12 minutes to lose fat, balance hormones and train multiple muscle groups? Sound too good to be true? This style of exercise is one of the most researched and proven ways to get FIT fast. The team at Focus Chiropractic utilizes Max T3 ( as their goto exercise of choice. Partnership is important! We also work with Altea, Orange Theory, Reh-Fit, YMCA, Cross Fit, The BrickHouse Gym, Fitness On The GO as well as many others, to provide you with the most comprehensible ability to get fit. Want to play better golf? It will help. Want to play with the grand kids? It will help. Want to lose some belly fat? Again, 12 minutes a day. This multi joint, multi muscle workout will leave you burning for 24-36 hour after your last workout. The first step to living a remarkable life is understanding your own health. This is what we deliver to you. This system is a complete and effective way of establishing good health, helping you understand why your physical and mental health is important and how you can sustain it.

Experienced Chiropractors help you understand your body’s needs.

These are more than just an aspiration — incorporating them into your life will help you look and feel your best while improving your body’s resistance to disease and illness.