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Live to 100

Not just live to 100. But do the things you want to do til 100. The average life span for a male living in Canada is 79 years; 81 years for a woman.

Life expectancy is expected to increase by 10% in the next 10 years. This is only half the story. The average male will lose their health at 69.7 years and females will lose their health at 72.1 year. They will then live with chronic, progressive diseases for the next decade. The majority of which are lifestyle related and preventable.

Is that going to be you?

Seeing your one hundredth birthday is within your grasp. Living to a specific age is not the goal, however, LIVING is. Live every day, enjoy every day and focus on what you love. We are here to help.  It starts with education, nutrition, exercise, and understanding why your body functions the way it does. Living for a century will only happen if you start doing the little things every day that will contribute to your health. Our approach at Focus Chiropractic is to share with you our knowledge and experience of what works – and why. We will be your biggest advocates because we want to make a positive impact on your life.

If you don’t adopt a healthy lifestyle, chances are you will a part of this chilling fact:

The average Canadian will spend 10 years in a care home. If you were healthy enough to spend those 10 years on a cruise ship rather than in a care home, life would be better and you would put $4000 a month in your pocket. The average cost of a month of care in a home?  $3,000-$8,000/month.  For private 24 hour home care this can increase to as much as $14,000/month.  The average cost for a month of cruising? $10000.

It’s interesting to note that the majority of residents in care homes are regretful that they did not change their habits earlier to prevent the progression that led to their care home stay.