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It’s important to understand the fees and costs involved with chiropractic care in Manitoba, what your insurance covers, and what your financial responsibilities may be.   Insurance coverage for chiropractic care can depend on a variety of factors. Most plans cover the cost of chiropractic care for acute (short-term) conditions. However, as all insurance is customarily based on catastrophe, loss or interruption, your insurance may not cover the entirety of care. If you’re actually looking at getting, and staying, well, this is the transition between crisis care and corrective care. This is a simple transition from feeling better and moving better to increased function and improvement in lifestyle. It has been reported that many patients start to engage in activities that were long put on hold (or even forgotten) as their health improves. The last and most enjoyable stage is wellness. This is an ongoing frequency of specific chiropractic wellness adjustments to ensure that this new level of health is the new standard (this frequency of wellness maintenance is different for everyone and will change in the different stages of life). Life happens, but when your body is at its optimal levels of function and healing, you experience life at a different level, and, if life knocks you down, you recover faster.  

Most insurances cover initial and some rehabilitative care for acute conditions, but many do not cover maintenance or wellness treatments, but that has never been the role of insurance. The insurance companies do not pay for gym memberships, organic food or chiropractic wellness.  

If you need, we will help you verify your insurance coverage.

In these changing insurance times, we offer the greatest value in care as well as offering a Focus Plan Premium where patients that choose corrective care and wellness care are free to use our advanced rehab area at no additional fee. We also offer monthly classes on current and relevant topics like: Gut Health, Goal Setting, Keto Diet Lifestyle, The 5 Keys to Proper Detox – just to name a few.

We do all of this to create a world class health center and to have our patients experience a radically higher level of health and life.

Three Stages of Chiropractic Care

  • Stage 1: Initially, appointments are more frequent with the goal of relieving immediate pain and restoring function and mobility. This is both for pain relief and functional improvement.
  • Stage 2: Next, the patient moves into a rehabilitative stage to continue the healing process and help prevent a relapse. Strength and stability happen here.
  • Stage 3: Finally, the patient may elect to receive tailored, wellness appointments, along with adopting healthy lifestyle habits, to stay in great health. This is like the retainer after the braces come off. This is part of a spinal hygiene.