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About those Rolls

If you have been to Focus Chiropractic, then you have likely been advised to use a pair of rolls. They are a small, simple tool with a big impact. There is a chance though, that you don’t know or understand what that Big Impact actually is.

What are Cervical and Lumbar Rolls?

They are soft, cylinders that are meant to be placed under your body while lying face up. One is used on the cervical spine and the other is used on the lumbar spine. They are progressive, meaning you start by spending a small amount of time on them, and you gradually work your way up in time!

What purpose do they serve?

Your spine is designed to have three curves. When three proper curves exist in the spine, there is balance and comfort. Let’s refer to that as Ease. Just like anything, overtime things change, and the activities that we do each and every day will start to impact the shape and condition of our body. The spine is not exempt from this! Commonly, head forward posture (looking down at your phone, looking down toward a keyboard, doing chores and taking care of children) can start to pull the normal curve of our spine out of proper alignment and in turn, those curves begin to lessen. Let’s call this dis-Ease.  For all the time that we spend bent forward in a day, we should aim to spend the same amount of time supporting the natural curve of the spine, and helping your body to maintain its proper shape. This is where the rolls come in!

Lying down on the rolls, puts the body back into its natural curves. It helps train our bodies into the proper positioning. It will facilitate increased blood flow, and lessen stiffness.

Another benefit is they help train you to lay, and therefore sleep on your back. This is the best position for sleeping, as it encourages proper alignment rather than working against your spine!

When a headache starts, or neck pain kicks in – use your rolls, support your spine!

There is simply always a benefit to positioning your spine in its properly curved position.

Where can you get them?

If you live in Winnipeg – we are a Chiropractor near you! Come see us at Focus Chiropractic and our Doctor, or Chiropractic assistants will be happy to show you our cervical and lumbar roll options.