Where do Your Priorities Lie?

  In Winnipeg, we’ve all heard the question before, it gets brought up at parties, offices, dates, it’s a very personal question, with utmost importance… Are you a dog or a cat person? Now, I’m a dog person myself. MyRead More

Routine, Healing, and Purple Fingers – Chiropractic and Volleyball

  January; Christmas and New Years are over, and the people of Winnipeg are getting back into their regular routine. What that means for me is that after a full three weeks of no volleyball (all the teams I playRead More

Keeping Weight Loss Real, and Real Simple

  I just finished reading TIME Magazine’s top five weight-loss trends for 2018. The irony is, is that there’s actually six of them. They labelled 5A and 5B because the two of them were quite similar. They’re trendy because asRead More

Sleep vs Exercise – What Wins?

  Picture this Winnipeg: You are exhausted, you worked hard all week, and have been averaging only 5 hours sleep a night. On top of everything else you need to fit in your workout, which means you can kiss goodbyeRead More

Resolve: The Link Between Exercise and Chiropractic

  With 2016 being my 20th year in practice, I‘ve heard many New Year’s resolutions during my career. The most common resolution usually goes something like this: “I want to get healthy!” What I’ve realized is that “healthy” for mostRead More

You Have The Power To Give Life

  I donated blood this week in Winnipeg. It has been a couple years since my last donation, and I’m not giving any excuses, I should have gone sooner. For those of you who have donated blood in the pastRead More

Runny Nose? Are you Healthy or Sick?

  Blow Your Nose Winnipeg! Just because you have a runny nose, does that mean you are sick? To most people a cough or a sneeze is a sign they are sick. A lot of times however, a cough orRead More

Resolve: The Link Between Nutrition and Chiropractic

  Patient question : I am going to my Chiropractor but she keeps talking to me about nutrition. What does Chiropractic wellness care have to do with what I eat? Dr. Greg Loman’s answer : This a great question becauseRead More

Health is our #1 Asset

  An eventful commute to the chiropractic office last week got me thinking about health. Osborne St in Winnipeg was closed by the police one morning, and it resulted in me taking a lot of deserted back roads, and somehowRead More

What’s Your ONE THING?

  Happy 2018 Winnipeg!!   The feeling of a New Start, a chance to reprogram ourselves and to give ourselves the opportunity to initiate a new update.  We ask ourselves what will be the most impactful and beneficial? For theRead More