Focus Chiropractic

Patient Experience

I’ve been coming to FOCUS Chiropractic for the last 10 years and I have never felt better. I want to live to 100 and be playing tennis well into my 90’s. The regular treatments ensure that my body is functioning at its highest level and the Max T3 exercise program is awesome. Where else can you get fit in 12 minutes a day?

John H

I have been going to the chiropractor since I was about 10. I went mostly “When necessary “. That was my attitude about chiropractic – you went when needed. Once I learned about the whole “Maximized Living” lifestyle, it really changed my life!!! I went from popping about 6-9 Advil a day, and constantly feeling awful, plus gaining weight, to living a life that is relatively pain free, never using any medication and maintaining a healthy weight. I feel amazing, and have more energy and feel better now In my 50’s then I ever did in my 30’s. I have been a follower for 9 years and enjoy my weekly maintenance, which is so important to overall health! Thanks Focus family!! I appreciate how you have helped not only me, but my whole family!!

Andrea W

I have been coming here for more the 8 years now, since I was 17 years old. Safe to say this is an amazing place to go. Your not just another patient, but they really get to know you and your needs. I drive from outside of the city to come here and it is more then worth it. Incredible people and service. My migraines have subsided, my back pain has decreased. My posture and gate have increased greatly. I would recommend it to anyone.

Vanessa B

I have been a part of the Focus Chiropractic Family for a number of years now and I can honestly say that it saved my life! Many things have happened in my life that led me to Wellness in the mental and physical areas of my life! (Zsolt is great for a personal growth chat here and there as well!) With that said it was a HUGE step forward when I stepped into the first information session! First off, I’ve battled a herniated disc since I was 15 years old so I’ve been in and out of Chiropractic offices since then. NEVER had been educated before being treated. The awareness, education and understanding is such an integral part of sustainable wellness and that is what has kept me on my path of long term wellness. I felt broken down by the time I was 33. A year later, after many adjustment, my body felt incredible! I felt I had an 18 year old body again! I love sports and this allowed me to get back to it! They also educated me in many other areas that encouraged me to get healthier in other areas of my life. My father passed away at 58 of a massive full body heart attack. At that time my wife said “I want you around for your grand kids”. That will always stick with me for as long as I live!

It hasn’t been easy to create new habits and stay on top of it all but the amazing people at Focus have a Platform and a Passion to keep you focused and aware. Before starting with Focus I weighed 260 lbs. Today am a fit and strong 225lbs. Now don’t get me wrong, I did the work, but they provided a ton of support and guidance and lets not forget the ADJUSTMENTS! I know now how IMPORTANT our SPINE is to our overall health! Learn with Focus how to take the best care possible of your spine and body! Your body will thank you in such amazing ways!! The Value that comes with their practice has so much more VALUE than just adjustments!!! Thank you so much Focus Team! This is a genuine comment for people that helped get my life headed down the path of WELLNESS!!


I don’t believe I can properly articulate how amazing the staff is at Focus Chiro. Personally, I had great apprehension about visiting a chiropractor however, I was suffering from horrible neck pain which caused a severe loss of range of motion to the point where I could no longer shoulder check without having to physically turn my body. A good friend and co-worker suggested that I visit Focus Chiro as he saw how I suffered from migraines / headaches on a almost daily basis.

I met Dr. Zsolt at one of the community dinners which are held quite frequently. He spoke passionately about his team and his practice. His intent was to educate through his personal experiences, it was a very comfortable atmosphere. He explained how subluxation can affect many aspects of health and described different facets of chiropractic work and their benefit. I felt more comfortable about gaining a better understanding on chiropractic care and decided to commit.

They have a very systematic practice that includes x-rays and nerve scans on site at the clinic, (these scans are used to gauge your progress),exercise programs, and numerous literature. The first visit they assess if they can be of any help, they take an initial x ray and nerve scan which is used as a base line to monitor your progress. Dr. Zsolt advised that my arch of life was reversed to how it should be which was causing an additional 60 pounds of weight on my head due to being misaligned, it certainly felt that way.

I will never forget the first time I was adjusted, I felt a huge pressure taken away from my eyes, it was amazing. I was so excited I jumped up and exclaimed my excitement about the new sensation, the relief!

After a few visits it became clear that this centre was more than just for chiropractic work, they are building a community. Thank you to all the members of the Focus Chiropractic Team for all your care.

Ashley P